Pine Warre Hive
Pine Warre Hive

Pine Warre Hive

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True to Emile Warre's original design, these are the highest-quality Warre-style hives we've found. Every hive box includes a viewing window to easily monitor the colony without intrusive inspections. The design includes important details to increase equipment longevity, from the use of one-inch-thick material throughout, to the addition of hard woods in areas prone to wear, to the fabrication quality with each hive coming pre-assembled with stainless steel screws and waterproof glue.

All complete hives include:

  • 3 hive boxes (most companies only provide 2)
  • Top bars with beeswax-coated comb guides (for all 3 boxes)
  • Quilt box with sawdust
  • Hive roof
  • 2 propolis screens
  • Queen spacer ring with plug (to allow inserting/withdrawing queen cage without removing boxes)
  • Bottom feet with screen and mite board

note:  We wish anyone advancing the cause of the honeybees the best experience no matter where they purchase their hardware, but please do your research. Before finding Sweet Valley Hives, we purchased a cedar Warre from a west coast company with a great website and social media presence. To our disappointment, the quality of materials was lacking, the window latches were inoperable, and unfortunately we lost our first colony. Take your time to make an informed decision and happy beekeeping!

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