Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cotoverde mean?

Coto translates to a reserve or preserve and shares Latin roots with the word for protection. Verde translates to green. Among the reasons behind the name, Cotoverde is a nod to Ecuador's expansive Cotacachi Reserve, located near the small village our founder and his wife lived in just prior to the organization's formation.

Where are you located?

We run most of our operations out of San Marcos, TX and New Orleans, LA. Follow us on social media to see when we'll be at events near you.

How can I get involved?

Reach out to us on social media (@cotoverde) or through our contact page if you'd like to get involved with Cotoverde for a product, event, or project. We read every email!

You can also check out environmental action organizations through Patagonia Action Works.

What's up with the Amazon links?

It doesn't make sense for us to compete with Amazon and it doesn't make sense for you to pay more for the same thing.  Sometimes we may get a small referral fee when a purchase is made through our links (yes, it's better than nothing and doesn't cost customers anything extra). 

Amazon's economies of scale often mean energy efficiency at warehouses, optimized logistics, and can lead to a reduced environmental footprint of operations. Of course whenever buying local is possible, we recommend supporting it.

Who are your suppliers and how can I be one? 

We try to find the best products available at reasonable prices. Sometimes we find great products available from small businesses and sometimes it means fulfilling an order through Amazon or a big-box store. The same product may even be shipped from different fulfillment methods depending on logistics involved for each customer. 

If you have a great product, we'd love to discuss adding it to the Cotoverde lineup. Shoot us an email at

What's your return policy?

We offer free returns within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price (just pay return freight). If any goods are damaged or defective upon receipt, we offer a full refund (no return freight charge). Unfortunately, we're unable to offer a refund for items damaged due to neglect or mishandling. If you purchased a product through an external website (not, check out their specific return policy for details. Contact us at


“In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” -Baba Dioum (Senegalese Forestry Engineer)